REST API Documents

The rest API currently only has a single endpoint.

It only accepts a POST request to here:


It needs an Authorization header added to the request, with your API key as the value. If you register for a free account, then you’ll get an API key in your profile.

Then it just needs a JSON payload in the body:

    "body": "Test body",
    "subject": "Test API message",
    "autoBurnDateTime": "2021-06-25T08:55:00" // (optional)

Then you’ll get returned:

    "dateCreated": "2021-06-25T07:40:17.2341376Z",
    "subject": "Test API message",
    "url": "LDs6BrEfN8",
    "key": "hunTer-pLating-ricoTta-dEck",
    "autoBurnEnabled": false,
    "autoBurnDateTime": null,